Friday, December 27, 2013

I have an eating problem: What you should do

A 32 year old woman emailed us “ I have an eating problem”, this letter cam from a professional person who has battled the issue for a very long time. One of the the problems in treating a person who overeats is the fact that they often do not admit that they have the condition. If you have an issue with appetite it is crucial to address the situation as soon as possible in order to lead a normal life. If you are like our e-mailer who admitted “ I have an eating problem” this post will give you a clear understanding of the condition and what you should do about it.

A hidden dilemma

There are literally thousands of students, professionals,housewives and men who live each day with an inability to control their appetite. This condition can cause very serious health complications such as liver damage as well as mental distress, many people are suffering with this condition but are doing so in private, the main reason for the shroud of secrecy is embarrassment. The brain is at the root cause of all overeating, almost all appetite control issues can be traced to some form of stress which causes the brain to trigger an strong urge to eat. You are not greedy, this is how the brain works! If you have an eating problem it can take over much of your life unless the issue is directly dealt with.

You are not a slob

People can be very mean to people who habitually overeat and this is extremely unfair, appetite is a complex issue that involves many different brain functions, it is not a question of greed. Abuses,stress, a bad job or relationship problems can all create brain changes which manifest as an eating disorder. Depression and childhood abuses are directly related to emotional eating, the brain's response to the stress is to trigger the release of calming hormones(which are released when you eat) The brain trigger to eat can become a problem and lead to addictions to certain calming foods. The brain will continually trigger the appetite response to make you happier but this can lead to obesity, diabetes, liver damage.

Just break the cycle

Will power is no match for a powerful emotional brain trigger causing an urge to overeat, but a diet created for to stop food cravings was shown to naturally halt the brain triggers, people were allowed to eat what they wanted and stop the urge to keep eating. The diet has worked in over 10 countries naturally. A natural European diet has caused thousand to beat the problem drug free.


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