Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Can't control Food Craving? See Why

If you can't control a food craving it is important to know that this is a very strong addiction that can result in obesity, diabetes or other serious health complications. For many people the cravings for certain foods can become a very difficult habit to break, it is not your fault; science shows that the reason why the urge is so uncontrollable is due to the fact that the brain impulses triggers and fire an uncontrollable desire to keep eating. This is not your fault but it is an dangerous cycle.

How the brain hooks you and the danger

Brain chemicals such as insulin and leptin are extremely powerful, leptin and insulin and other chemicals all interact and determine your cravings for food; the brain triggers fire resulting in the desire to keep eating. For some night time cravings are when the brain triggers fires a response causing the desire to eat (or at times “pig out”, this is not something that will power can control. This is a powerful urge that can lead to diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The longer you have the habit the harder it is to break, the brain is in control not will power.

If you can't control food craving science shows us that for example sugar cravings react on the brain similar to narcotics such as heroin!

A study published in North American Association for the Study of Obesity revealed the amazing results of how the cravings can be difficult to stop.

The study conclusion:
Repeated, excessive intake of sugar created a state in which an opioid antagonist caused behavioral and neurochemical signs of opioid withdrawal. The indices of anxiety and DA/ACh imbalance were qualitatively similar to withdrawal from morphine or nicotine, suggesting that the rats had become sugar-dependent.

Sugar addiction is no different than Cigarettes or any opiates(Heroin or Cocaine)

What works

If you can't control your food craving it must be addressed before the effects ruin the heart,liver or kidneys, the longer the habit continues the harder it is to break. Each year people fail at dieting for the simple reason that most diets never address these powerful brain triggers, only a diet created for food addictions has ever been shown to stop sugar or any other food cravings. Will power is no match for a powerful brain trigger causing an urge to eat or overeat, will power is no match for the brain triggers for sugars and fats. Only a diet created for food cravings was ever shown to stop the brain triggers naturally, people were allowed to eat what they wanted and still learned to deactivate the cravings. This worked in over 10 countries naturally over thousands.

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