Thursday, October 23, 2014

Cure binge eating



You can cure binge eating when you address the problem from the root, what most people who battle this condition are not aware of is the fact that binging starts in the emotions. There are more than 5 million people in the United States who admit to having a binging disorder; this figure does not count the many millions who have never been officially diagnosed.  Researchers in Europe show you can cure binge eating when the diet addresses the underlying root causes of the binging.


The root of all binging resides in the emotions, emotional eating is a tremendous problem today, and it is a recognized condition which affects the appetite. It must be made perfectly clear that a person who binges is not greed or even a huge food lover, there is an emotional trigger in the brain which signals the need to eat regardless of whether a person is hungry or not.  The brain is susceptible to all kinds of triggers which signal the desire to eat; this is particularly true of those who are under stress. Many people are under hidden stresses, a job, a bad relationship, family troubles can all trigger a desire to eat. It is a common habit to snack at work when not hungry, this is occurs when people are working at a job that they do not like. The brain causes a signal to snack in order to release happy hormones.


Food is a pleasure and eating releases hormones which stop stress, this all occurs in the brain. The brain creates a defense mechanism where it craves food in order to release “feel good” hormones; this is done to combat stresses and depression.  Although the brain is trying to help, a cure for binge eating is necessary, this is due to the fact that binging is linked to many health problems. Obesity, diabetes liver and kidney failure are all linked to binging disorder.  There is a bit a good news there is a diet in Europe which allows binger to eat what they like and de-active the brain trigger which signals a desire eat, it has proven successful in thousands.





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