Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to control appetite


One of the most misunderstood subjects is how to control appetite, most people believe that trying not to eat will help them to stop overeating but this is not the case, science shows us that the brain does not work this way at all. The more you try to use will power to eat less the more likely you will fail, learning how to control appetite means understanding how the part that your brain plays.


It is a common situation, we end up eating more than what we would have liked; there are even times when we have uncontrollable appetites; this is all due to brain hormones. There are numerous of hormones which control our desire to eat, one of these brain chemicals is called leptin; many external factors, such as emotions play an important role in the distribution of these brain hormones. When women get their menstrual cycle it often causes a roller coaster ride of hormones, this cycle controls much of a woman’s internal body clock, these hormonal changes have a tremendous affect on how much we eat.  When addressing the issues of how to control appetite, it must be understood that there are many factors which cause men and women to habitually overeat.


Willpower does not work but food does


It is important to know that trying to eat less often causes a reverse affect, you will probably end up eating more, this is because brain hormones create intense cravings which eventually overpower any will power. Researchers in Berlin showed that the key to controlling appetites is by actually eating! To be clear, eating to de-active the brain triggers works, it works because the brain gets satisfied when you eat to calm the brain cravings. 


The key to why this worked for thousands of people in 10 countries is because the right combinations of foods not will power de-activate brain cravings.   Deactivating the hyper brain response for food by eating specific combinations of foods is how to control appetite. This is what worked for thousands.

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