Friday, October 24, 2014

Can’t stop eating? Here's why

“I have a problem, I can’t stop eating”, this was the email that we received from a woman who is in a very difficult situation with food. She has tried dieting and has found that this has not helped her to stop overeating; she states even when not hungry she has the need to eat.  If you are in a similar situation and can’t stop eating it should be known that this is a condition that millions of people find themselves in.



Hidden stresses


Hidden stresses are triggers, they cause the brain to fire a response for food, and this occurs regardless of whether a person is hungry or not. The root of hidden stress can come in so many unexpected ways. If you are in a very difficult relationship with your family or even at work it can create hidden stress which can affect the appetite; this is why feel good snacks are so important to people who do not like where they work. Often a piece of chocolate can make the whole office lighten up.  If you cannot stop eating the root causes are almost always related to some emotional event.


Why we don’t recognize things which trigger appetite


Those who feel that they have no stress may not aware of how the brain works, prior stresses which have long gone causes changes in the brain structure which affect appetite long after the stressful event ends. What comes as a surprise to most people is discovering that a stressful event (or time period) from many years ago is causing their overeating today. Divorce, bad childhood, bullying, homelessness and so many others of life’s challenges are related to our current appetite.




If you can’t stop eating it is crucial to use a diet that de-activates the brain triggers. Will power does not stop appetite but eating to stop the brain triggers has worked for thousand in Europe.




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