Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Help for a very secret eating disorder

We received an email from a woman who lives with a very secret eating disorder, the young woman suffers from a private battle with binge eating and food addiction; this is a problem that effects many millions of people according to statistics from the World Health Organization. The inability to control appetite is an embarrassment for many but science says that an eating disorder is not your fault, almost all binge eating is connected to an emotional stress either past or present.

The brain,mood and appetite

Did you know that stress in some way is always a factor contributing to excessive appetite?
Researchers at the Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology revealed that stressful events secretly contribute to brain changes which trigger appetite. This research showed how events in your life contribute to hyper-appetite. The Study concluded that

High reactors ate significantly more sweet food across days. Increases in negative mood in response to the stressors were also significantly related to greater food consumption. These results suggest that psychophysiological response to stress may influence subsequent eating behavior. Over time, these alterations could impact both weight and health”

What is crucial to this study is that often people are unaware that childhood(or adult) abuses, divorce or even a bad relationship with parents can create a problem with appetite. Studies in Germany showed that depression or school stress contributed greatly to food addiction in young adults. Often eating disorders are held in secret due to shame, sadly people blame themselves for overeating when it is in fact other issues which cause the problem. The study from Laboratory of Neuroendocrinology made it very clear that a person can suffer very serious health problems for various eating disorders.

Do not live with it

Addressing an issue with food is essential for your emotional and physical well being, it is crucial to address the issue to avoid a deeper addiction. Will power does not stop food addictions! The hormones cortisol and leptin contribute to brain changes which create urges to consume large amounts of food. Millions of people live stressed or depressed lives and have no idea that they are depressed or stressed.

Regardless of whether you are aware of the causes of your eating disorder or not the fact still remains that the issue does exist and must be addressed to avoid serious health consequences

The failure of Will power

Will power is no match for a powerful emotional brain trigger causing an urge to overeat, only a diet created for food cravings was ever shown to stop the brain triggers naturally, people were allowed to eat what they wanted and still deactivated the cravings. This worked in over 10 countries naturally over thousands.


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