Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am depressed and binge eating

We have revealed over the last 4 years the link between binge eating and depression, many clinically depressed people who are bingeing are not aware that there is a connection between the two conditions. A new study has confirmed what we have stated for years from our own research, suicide is associated with binging. There are more than 8 million people in the United States and many millions more worldwide who battle with trying to control binging. Researchers yesterday linked a depressed emotional condition with episodes of uncontrolled appetite.

A very alarming revelation

A new study from Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University in the US has revealed that there is an association between bingeing and suicide. Dr. Rashelle Musci who lead the study identified emotional issue as major predictors as to who binge. The researchers found a relationship between binging and attempted suicide. "The relationships found in this study offer prevention scientists a unique opportunity to target individuals at high risk of psychiatric problems by intervening in the case of binge eating problems stated Dr. Musci. Women who demonstrated dissatisfaction with their physical appearance were more likely to develop depressive and anxious symptoms in adolescence. If you are depressed it can be a brain trigger that can lead to a bingeing.

The brain creates the feeling to overeating

Binging creates a high according to researchers at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, there are brain triggers which cause people to want to overeating, the urge is at times uncontrollable; will power does not stop this. What are the brain triggers? According to brain researchers it can range from depression, stress and even anxiety. The emotional triggers involve a complex number of hormones that interact in the brain, an understanding of this is the key to overcoming binge eating. The 'high” is the response to a brain trigger that caused the craving, when the brain triggers are naturally addressed with a diet created for binging then the binge eating can be addressed naturally. This has worked in over 10 countries.


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