Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am binge eating again, what to do about this

“I am binge eating again” this is a familiar situation for those who may have believed that they had the condition under control only to discover that they have started binging again. There are more than 4 million people in the United States who are labeled as bingers but this figure is a gross under representation because many people are still not comfortable admitting that they are binging. Researchers at The International Journal of Eating Disorder stated that the true number of people who are binging in the United Stated is closer to 8 million people. We received a very familiar email from a woman in the United States which started with the very familiar phrase..“I am binge eating again...”

The underlying cause of all binging

The true cause of binging is not you fault, the lie has been that those who have this condition are lazy,fat, or lack self control but studies show that this is not the truth, in reality the condition is rooted in emotional triggers. An emotional trigger can be a very unpredictable thing, we may get the sudden urge to overeat and have no idea where the urge is coming from. Science shows that all binging is rooted in the emotions which trigger the brain to signal an urge to overeat, will power does not stop binging, blaming the person who has this emotional condition is a mistake. One of the failed approaches to controlling binging has been “dieting”, the reason for diet failure is due to the fact that a normal diet does nothing to address the powerful brain reactions that trigger binge eating

You cannot control binging with a standard diet

There is a physiological and psychological rush that comes from binging, this is only controlled with a diet created for bingers, the “high” of binging was explained by University of Alabama at Birmingham Mary Boggiano, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Psychology

Study participants self-reported their emotions while concocting a mixture of foods during a binge. The answers revealed a vast majority felt “excited” and “anxious” during the process. The study highlighted the fact that binging may include the mixing of many different types of foods that do not traditionally go together. The 'high” is the response to a brain trigger that caused the craving, when the brain triggers are naturally addressed with a diet created for binging the binge eating can be addressed naturally. This has worked in over 10 countries. See here The only diet created for Binge Eating in 10 countries


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