Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I binge eat: The solution to the problem

We received a email this week from a 29 year old woman which stated “ I Binge Eat, is there a diet that can help me?” Before we address the topic of diet it is important to understand why a person binges, an understanding of the brain chemistry behind binging will make it perfectly clear why 95 % of diets will do nothing to stop the problem. Binging is a response to a brain reaction which is linked to emotional and physical triggers. I is important that the statement “I binge eat” be examined, this statement is good because many thousands of people are bingers but will never admit to it.

The shame game

Often bingers are ashamed to admit that they practice this behavior, the shame comes from societies prejudices against people who have a difficult time controlling their appetites. There are many who believe that shaming a person can stop a strong addiction but research studies have proven that this is not the case, shaming actually makes the problem worst. Researchers at Florida State University College of Medicine revealed that issues like binging and dieting are not solved with shame. The research team found that overweight people who faced weight discrimination were over two times more likely to become obese by the end of the study.

Participants who were obese when the study began and had experienced weight discrimination were three times more likely to still be obese at the end of the study year.. "Rather than motivating individuals to lose weight, weight discrimination increases risk for obesity," According to study leader psychologist Angelina Sutin. This is why an email stating “ I binge eat” is very brave.

Willpower has no power over binging, there are many brain hormones that work in either encouraging binging or stopping the appetite, there exist a delicate balance which involves emotions, stresses and other brain triggers that create the 'high” and urge to binge.. Emotional triggers activate brain hormones creating the 'urge” that we know as the “need “of a binger, but there is a solution, when the brain triggers were naturally addressed with a diet created for binging the binging stopped.

Binging is not resolved by simply “trying hard not to eat”, bingers have brain triggers that fire prompting a powerful desire to consume mass quantities of food.

When bingers were given a diet created for them the diet addressed the brain impulses to overeat

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